School Takeover Newbarns Primary School 26 Mar 24

🎬 Get ready for a cinematic treat! Join us for the School Takeover at Newbarns Primary School Today at 3pm!

🍿 This week’s theme is Movie of the Week! πŸŽ₯

Curious about what the kids are buzzing about? Here’s a sneak peek into today’s show:

🌟 In the spotlight: The students spill the popcorn on their favorite flicks, including Jurassic World, Mean Girls, and The Simpsons Movie. Find out why these movies have them glued to the screen!

πŸ“½οΈ Movie Recommendations: Discover new must-watch picks as the kids swap suggestions. Nimona tops the list – find out why it’s a must-see!

🎬 Rating Roundup: Ever wondered how these young cinephiles rate their movie experiences? Tune in to hear their honest critiques and popcorn-worthy ratings!

Don’t miss out on the reel deal! Tune in to Newbarns Primary School’s School Takeover this Tuesday at 3pm for a blockbuster show! 🍿🎬✨

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