Recyclers embrace collection changes

COPELAND has seen a huge increase in recycling since new bins were introduced.

Kerbside teams collected 355 tonnes of recyclable material in February 2023. This compares to 289 tonnes in the same month last year – an increase of 22.8 per cent.

Recently the council changed its kerbside service to collect from two wheeled bins instead of three plastic boxes and a bag.

Shirley Procter-Dow, Copeland’s Community Services Manager, said: “I’d like to thanks residents for embracing the new system and recycling even more. We obviously have lots of people keen to do their bit for the planet, and the move to wheeled bins and more streamlined collections has gone  well. A rise of nearly a quarter is incredible and I take my hat off to Copeland’s recyclers.”

The new collection scheme, which uses a smaller fleet of lorries with two internal sections and bin lifts, means less sorting for residents – they now have just one container for metal, plastic and glass, and one for paper and card. There is also no sorting at the kerbside for collection crews. Previously they would sort recycling from boxes and bags into four different lorry sections by hand.

Ms Procter-Dow added: “The more streamlined collections, along with some round changes enabled by faster collecting, have meant we also use less fuel – reducing the council’s carbon footprint.

“Another advantage is that the system causes fewer strains and injuries to our collection crews. Again, I’d like to thank people for making these changes a success, and I’d encourage everyone to keep recycling.”

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