MP urges Home Secretary to boost funding for youth work to tackle anti-social behaviour

On the floor of the House of Commons yesterday (22 May 2023), Cumbrian MP Tim Farron encouraged Home Secretary Suella Braverman to increase funding for youth work in the county to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Speaking during Home Office questions, Tim said: “In Kendal we are proud of the recently set up Youth Matters project, which is about engaging young people with worthwhile activities to do with their time.

“Does the Home Secretary agree that as well as tackling antisocial behaviour by firm and adequately resourced policing, it is important that she works with her colleagues in the Department for Education to boost youth work, in particular detached youth work, to help give young people worthwhile things to do with their time?

“What is she doing to improve funding for that part of our armoury against antisocial behaviour?”

Responding, Home Secretary Suella Braverman said: “Tackling antisocial behaviour is one of my priorities. That is why I launched the plan with the Prime Minister.

“It requires a multifaceted solution, and a lot of work must be focused on youth diversion.

“I was pleased to visit a boxing project a few weeks ago, in which money from the Home Office was diverted to encourage young people off the streets to take up a sport, work with mentors, and learn a new skill. It is a great way of reducing crime.”

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