Back in Time – Radio Play

🎙️✨ Calling all Young Stars in Furness! Your Time to Shine with CandoFM! ✨🎙️

Exciting news, Furness youth! 🌟 CandoFM, our award-winning community radio station, is back with an incredible opportunity just for YOU, sponsored by the National Heritage Lottery! 🏆🌈

📻 Project Alert! Dive into History with a World War 2 Radio Play! 🎭

We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic young minds aged 12 to 18 (but hey, if you’re passionate, age is just a number!) to join us in creating a breathtaking radio play set in the heart of World War 2 Barrow. Get ready to bring history to life on both radio and stage! 🌟📜

🌐 Be Part of the Entire Production Journey! From historical research to script development, voice acting coaching, radio and stage performance, sound folly to audio editing – this project covers it all! 🎬🎤

💡 Your Choice, Your Adventure! Whether you’re an all-rounder ready to dive into every aspect or have a special interest area you’re itching to explore, CandoFM welcomes YOUR unique talents! 🚀🌟

For more information sign up now at

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to showcase your skills, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Spread the word, tag your pals, and let’s make this project a monumental success! 🎉🚀

#CandoFMRadioPlay #FurnessYouth #CreativeAdventure 🌈🎧

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