Growth Therapy – August 2021

CandoFM ran a project with Growth Therapy, Dalton and Walney Community Trust where 8 young people aged 11 to 13 years took part in a Gardening Project. The project took place over a 3 month period between April and June 2021 when the group met every weekend. Mike Walsh and the team at Growth Therapy introduced the young people to the basics of growing vegetables and caring for small livestock such as hens and ducks. After being given instruction, they were given seeds, plants and grow bags to cultivate their own crops. Every 90 minute visit to the garden/allotment involved instruction in a new technique and planting, with a choice of tasks to complete.

CANDOFM helped the young people to record their experience on handheld recorders and camcorders. They filmed and interviewed each other, often self-directing.

Every second week, they attended an editing session, either at the Community Centre or CANDOFM studios where they participated in creating radio programming and, under instruction, chose the pieces of the edit to include in their final film.

In this way they were given editorial control and ownership of the project. The young people  also had the opportunity to interview Simon Fell MP. They wrote their own questions for Simon Fell, with a few journalistic tips.  They took active roles to film and edit video. The video demonstrates the young people were able to devise and  ask very probing questions for our Member of Parliament,

The young people who took part in the project had been identified by the Youth Workers at Walney Community Trust as those in most need and those most likely to benefit. Some have ADHD, some have behavioural issues, and others have problems communicating. All were from families experiencing financial hardship.

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