Catch up… The Rotary Show 29 January 2022

     Brian Boyd talks with Rotary Club members Frank Randall from the RC of Furness, Helen Dixon from the RC of Furness Peninsula and Dave Coverdale from the RC of Barrow, talking about ongoing Rotary projects in the local community and plans for 2022.

The Rotary Show 27 Nov 21

  In this month’s Rotary Show Brian Boyd is joined by members of the local Rotary Clubs to chat about what the Clubs projects are in the run up to Christmas. Tune in this Saturday from 3pm.

The Rotary Show 26 Jun 21

  Former Rotary President and CANDO FM presenter Brian Boyd talking to Rotary members Dave Simm and John McGill about how Rotary is supporting local projects in Barrow, and international initiatives Worldwide. Get involved at

The Rotary Show – 24 Apr 21 – Interviews

  Former Rotary Club President Brian Boyd, talking with new Rotary members Brian Hetherington and Steve Forster Driver on what Rotary means to them and what they enjoy about membership.   Tune into the Rotary Show on the last Saturday of the month from 3pm.

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