Summer HAF 2024

Hey, young creators! Ever dreamt of running your own radio show? Here’s your chance to jump into the exciting world of radio production. Meals included.

Dive into crafting your own catchy musical jingles, master the art of DJing and music production, and get the scoop on what’s happening by conducting interviews about upcoming events and important local topics. Plus, unleash your inner songwriter in our songwriting workshop. And guess what? We’re topping it all off with a tasty meal at the Holiday Inn! Don’t miss out—come make some waves with us! Our media and radio workshops cater to children and young people aged 7 to 16, providing a tailored and educational experience in media production. Here’s what parents can expect:

Younger Children (Ages 7-11): Participants learn the basics of radio and media production, engaging in activities like crafting radio scripts and conducting mock interviews, all guided by media professionals.

Older Children (Ages 12-16): These attendees tackle advanced media production tasks including audio editing, scriptwriting, and creating sound effects, with opportunities to produce news segments and podcast content.

Video Production: Both groups participate in video production, with younger children learning about camera basics and older participants undertaking advanced projects using professional editing software.
Enrichment Workshops: Workshops on DJing and songwriting allow children to explore musical composition and DJ equipment, enhancing their creative skills.

The workshops offer an interactive setting where attendees can produce their own radio shows, news pieces, or podcasts, enhancing their storytelling and communication abilities.

Our programme weaves music into the educational journey. In the DJ workshops, participants will learn the skills of beat matching, setting up a PA system, and mixing their own tracks. These sessions promise a plethora of hands-on experiences, ensuring a fun-filled, engaging, and instructive adventure for everyone.




Week 1: 22nd-25th July.

Week2: 29th July – 1st Aug.

Week 3: 12th-15th Aug.

Week 4: 19th -22nd Aug




Free for eligible children , £30 per day for non-eligible children


CANDOFM Community Radio

15 – 17 The Mall, Duke Street


LA14 1HL

Booking instructions

A booking link will be made available on the website and social media. In the case that a family, parent or guardian is unable to access the booking link then this can be done via telephone or email. The booking link will include a notes area for information to be volunteered about dietary or any other special considerations for children attending.

Additional information

The new CandoFM studios are located on all major bus routes and across the road from Barrow Town Hall

SEN appropriate

Yes, please contact us to discuss your child’s needs.


07915 388309