Sir John Fisher Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce that CANDOFM radio, thanks to funding from the Sir John Fisher Foundation, is launching an exciting year of community radio outreach events and workshops at our new studio on Duke Street, Barrow-in-Furness. Over the next 12 months, we’re rolling out an Outreach Programme to bring the community radio station experience directly to local community centres and organisations. Our goal is to provide access to community radio, encouraging more people to participate.

This initiative is not just about broadcasting; it’s about building social connections and offering ‘free to air’ time to highlight the work of other community organisations. We’re also introducing Quarterly Radio Workshops. These hands-on sessions will open doors for more individuals to delve into the world of community radio, creating more opportunities for learning, interaction, and creative expression in media production. Stay tuned for a year of community engagement and media exploration with CANDOFM!

CANDOFM Visits Dalton Community Hub for Volunteer Fair

This past Saturday, 27th January, the volunteer team from CANDOFM took a trip down to the Dalton Community Hub for an engaging and inspiring event – the Volunteers Fair. The fair was bustling with energy and community spirit, a testament to the vibrant local culture and the commitment of its residents towards making a difference. The  CANDOFM team had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of community action, chatting and recording interviews with attendees, organisers, and the enthusiastic volunteers who play a pivotal role in the fabric of our local area. It was a day filled with stories, laughter, and meaningful conversations, as we connected with those who dedicate their time and skills to various causes and initiatives. chatted with people there and recorded a few interviews for the community radio station. Recordings were  featured on our community radio station, providing our listeners with insights into the valuable work being done and how they can get involved. [PAULA CAN WE UPLOAD SOME OF THE INTERVIEWS TO THIS PROJECT PAGE?]

Dalton Family Hub launch 16th February 

Members of the CANDOFM team had the opportunity to attend the  Dalton Family Hub launched on 16th February at Dalton Community Centre to serve as a resource for families, offering advice, courses,  finance, mental health,  information on family life and more. The event featured games, activities, and stands from community partners, with over 100 attendees. Councillor Sue Sanderson highlighted the hub’s role in providing a range of support for local families, while Milorad Vasic, director for Children’s Services, emphasised the significance of Family Hubs as collaborative spaces for supporting children, young people, and families. Check out our video to see what some of the people in attendance had to say.