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Signal Media to Open Barrow Market Stall

30 November 2017 CandoFM News


BARROW-based charity Signal Film and Media is delighted to announce the opening of a Market Stall on Barrow Market. The stall is part of their exciting Heritage Lottery-funded project MARKET TALES and will be opening on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from Wednesday 6th December to Saturday 16th December.

The stall will showcase the photographs, film, audio and objects from the old, new and outdoor markets, collected during the initial stage of the Market Tales project.  Signal hopes to further inspire people with the fascinating discoveries made so and to invite local people to share any material related to Barrow Market with the Market Stall, such as photographs, objects, film, newspaper clippings, audio or memories. The aim is to create an evolving archive which will develop over the ten-days to reflect the social history of the market.

The work on show will draw from a range of collections, including, the North West Evening Mail, Cumbria Archive, North-west Film Archive and personal collections. The stall will also showcase a new sound piece made during a recent creative market sounds workshop with local music and sound organisation, Octopus Collective. The Market Stall will have the facilities to copy flat media, such as photographs or news clippings. We also invite those with older material, such as slides, negatives, tapes or cine-film to come forward and Signal will either make a copy or show them directly. There will be two people looking after the stall at all times, Signal invites people to stay a while and have a browse and a chat.  

Project Manager Julia Parks says: “Since beginning the project in October, we’ve held archive research sessions, oral history training, storytelling workshops and a Sound Workshop, each has provided a different perspective on the Barrow Market and the opening of the Market Stall is a chance show what we have found out so far, from distinct characters such as the infamous celery man, stories of life working on the outdoor market, protests in the 1980’s to wonderful portraits of market stallholders and customers through the decades.”

The Market Stall marks the end of the pre-Christmas programme of archive research sessions, oral history training, storytelling and sound workshops. After Christmas the second half of the programme will be a series of storytelling workshops with local writer Kate Davies, visits to other North-Western Markets and the development of a live theatre piece, film making and a final publication. Signal Film and Media is excited to collaborate with The Ashton Theatre Group to deliver an exciting finale performance to be held in the market in Easter 2018.

The Market Stall is located on Barrow Market at Stall 20 (20 Duke Street). The stall will be open from Wednesday 6th – Saturday 16th from 9am – 5pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and 10.30am – 5pm on Saturdays.

Are you interested in volunteering for this project? Are you interested in learning new digital skills? Are you interested in meeting new people? Do you have stories to share from your experiences of living near, working or visiting the market? If so, please contact [email protected] for further information about signing up as a volunteer or taking part in these amazing FREE opportunities.

For further information about the project contact Julia Parks, Project Manager [email protected], or telephone 01229 838592.

For further information about other projects at Signal Film and Media please visit our website www.signalfilmandmedia.co.uk

The photographs in this article have been kindly supplied by the Barrow Central Library Local Archive and Studies Centre and The Evening Mail.


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