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An eclectic mix of music

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Bringing together two larger than life personalities, Joan and Paula with a whole eclectic mix of music from across the eras to perk up your day as well as local events, chit chat and giggles.

Ukes2, Paula and Joan bring you an eclectic mix of music from many eras.

If you like a mix of good music, stories and the feel good factor, then this show is right up your (local) street.

Catch up with what Ukes2 are upto and also catch up with their shows on Mixcloud.  All links are on their Facebook page Ukes2


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The Ukes2 Show crew

One half of those two nutty ladies: Ukes2.  Paula enjoys biscuits and getting things done.

Joan is often known as the right side of the popular Ukes2 duo who have for a number of years playing at various gigs in the area, supporting local charities and mic nights with their up tempo covers and general supportive aura. Joan has been a keen member of Cando since December 2017 when she and her daughter Paula (the left side of Ukes2) started presenting. Ukes2 now have 3 feel good hours throughout the week often giggling about their experiences and memories from around Barrow and the antics they get up to.  Being a mother and daughter they have a strong bond and are often seen out and about giggling over something. Joan has a strong history in Barrow and loves nothing more than reminiscing about the area and all the positives it has.  When Joan is not in the studio, she loves spending time with her husband Bernard who is famous for his love of all things cake and food along with her beloved dogs as well as spending time with her children and grandchild plus furry grandson!