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When Mai was an early teenager, her big rebellion was turning off the pop station and listening to music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Mai grew up on the Everly Brothers, the Mamas and Papas, the Beach Boys and Janis Joplin.

Tune into the Weekend Time Capsule, where Mai combines great songs and music history to create a themed set-list of some of the most important music of the last 50 years.


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The Weekend Time Capsule team

Pete joined the CandoFM team in Jan 2019 with lots of experience presenting with several hospital radio stations across the UK. His shows are a blend of carefully selected music throughout, with new and old from last 60 years interspersed with the new tracks Pete is also a big advocate for evolving or resurgent artists, […]

Coming from the American south, Mai Harrison made Cumbria home in 2009. Her love of the Furness area and the people who call it home inspired her to share her passion with the Cando FM community in 2018. She has been known to choreograph dance moves for her cats to the 80s classics and sings along to her favourite songs in the studio…badly.

Local celebrity Pete Murphy joined the CandoFM team early in 2019. Known throughout the area as a stalwart at Barrow Raiders, entertainer and for his breakfast show on a previous Barrow radio station AbbeyFM, Pete comes to us with a wealth of experience. Pete’s breakfast show ‘Murph in the Morning’ is the perfect way to start your work day with all the local information, entertainment news, chat and as always a great playlist.  

I am passionate about Barrow and have a huge passion for music across all genres. Being a presenter for CandoFM really is a dream come true and I hope to play a positive role in helping the Station grow bigger and bigger, and with the quality presenters on the rota this really is an incredibly exciting time moving forward.

Steve is an entertainer in a duo NE1, but when not gigging around the country he decided to join the CandoFM team earlier in 2019. Steve presents 'Let's Talk Health with Steve Forster' talking with various guests from different organisations about health issues. Steve's other show 'Driver at Drivetime' supporting all things live music in the peninsula including having local musicians on his show to promote their music as well as giving all the local news and travel to get you home.

Andrea presents The Afternoon Show. With a love of all things lifestyle, she often has entertaining guests on the show and goes out and about with the portable recorder meeting the areas most interesting people. Andrea Williams has lived in the Furness area for 17 years. A teacher with 25 years’ experience, she taught Humanities for a few months at Dowdales School, Dalton and then, after a career break, taught Humanities and Classical Civilisation at Chetwynde School, Barrow. Andrea enjoys walking her two dogs in the beautiful Furness landscape, especially those walks that end in a café for a well-earned pot of tea and cake. She would describe her perfect day as a good walk with friends and an evening in the pub. Recently, Andrea enrolled in Leadership Training with the Girl Guides and helps out with a Rainbows Group in Urswick. She also likes to write in her spare time and is determined that 2019 will see her realise her ambition of becoming a published author.

Golden Apple Award Winner David Mitchell presents with Chris Wilson the MidWeek Moan show combining seamlessly chat and music.

Joan is often known as the right side of the popular Ukes2 duo who have for a number of years playing at various gigs in the area, supporting local charities and mic nights with their up tempo covers and general supportive aura. Joan has been a keen member of Cando since December 2017 when she and her daughter Paula (the left side of Ukes2) started presenting. Ukes2 now have 3 feel good hours throughout the week often giggling about their experiences and memories from around Barrow and the antics they get up to.  Being a mother and daughter they have a strong bond and are often seen out and about giggling over something. Joan has a strong history in Barrow and loves nothing more than reminiscing about the area and all the positives it has.  When Joan is not in the studio, she loves spending time with her husband Bernard who is famous for his love of all things cake and food along with her beloved dogs as well as spending time with her children and grandchild plus furry grandson!

One half of those two nutty ladies: Ukes2.  Paula enjoys biscuits and getting things done.

Catflea Massacre: some say he was born of royalty, some say he’s just an idiot with great style. We at CandoFM know both are true. Playing all sub genres from early Ska, the first realisation of Reggae, through to exclusive access to pre-release albums, Catflea Massacre surprises and titivates the Presenters chair, which he adorns with parades of pork pies. In a rare and glorious moment Mr Massacre (as he asks us to call him) said, the show is “A torrential tirade of totally tip top tunes to tantalise the tastebuds and tickle the tympanic membrane. So, tie in tightly, turn turtle and tie dye a tank top.” As they say, ‘he’s an idiot’.

Shaun Blezard has been a musician and community artist in the area for over 30 years and brings his love of the less mainstream musical genres to CandoFM

In his younger days he was a volunteer at Radio Lonsdale where he worked as a runner on the iconic “Radio Bingo” show. (Its shouldn’t have worked, but it did!)

Russ is a familiar face in local theatre and now he is a regular on Cando radio with his Drivetime shows and also ShowStoppers. With a relaxed light personality Russ brings out the best in all of his guests from local community stalwarts to members of the local theatre and his shows are always informative and entertaining. He is proud of Cando's commitment to promoting community events so please get in touch if you have any local events coming up or just want to promote your group. He would love to chat to you.

Josh has been part of Cando since being a student and likes sharing his music with everyone

I have been broadcasting since 1991, starting on a university station, then moving on to short term FM stations, cable radio, internet radio and now many stations around the world with two programmes, the Chill Factor and Dance Classics.

Some say I shouldn't be left alone on computers, others believe I have a great sense of humour. I'm Geoff and I present along with my compatriot Bob on the Sunday Rock show 12pm to 3pm.

Hi I'm Bob I support the St Mary's hospice and present alongside my long-time friend Geoff on the Sunday Rock Show.

Chris joined CandoFM a few years ago and now presenters his show with his friend Dave Mitchell

Yo People get your hands up in the air for the Johnny Bee house party every week on Saturdays 9pm to 11pm to get you in the mood for the weekend and dance the night away to some of the best dance out on the market. Don't miss out!

Justin is petrified of heights, mind you that's to be expected standing at just 5ft. He lives in Barrow with his family and pet Chinchilla and loves Barrow and the local area.

Famed for his love of Pizza, Bill has worked in the radio Industry for a lot of years, starting out in the mid 1980s, (Yes, he really is that old... OH NO HE'S NOT). When not entertaining people on the radio, Bill is a Taxi Driver as well as producer and voice over and he has an excellent sideline in corny jokes... Ask for them at your own risk!!! Bill joined CandoFM as its very first presenter back in 2010 when it was broadcast on the internet from a small room (The size of a cupboard) at Furness College. He has been with CandoFM since then and was also the first voice (along with Justin Cook) to present the very first show when CandoFM got awarded the FM licence. Bill and Justin both relaunched CandoFM from the new Studios in October 2018. Bill can usually be found behind a microphone somewhere and presents regular shows on CandoFM.

The Weekend Time Capsule crew

Coming from the American south, Mai Harrison made Cumbria home in 2009. Her love of the Furness area and the people who call it home inspired her to share her passion with the Cando FM community in 2018. She has been known to choreograph dance moves for her cats to the 80s classics and sings along to her favourite songs in the studio…badly.