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Catflea Massacre’s Ska & Reggae Show

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Tuesday 20:01 22:00

Ska & Reggae from around the world

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Trampolining on three day old custard helps Catflea Massacre compile his playlists. The myriad of music he has to offer, from the early off-beat rhythms of the 60’s, to the exclusive pre-release music, plays playfully in his otherwise empty head. Hours of dedicated bouncing is only interrupted by the occasional foray into the land of porkpies. This magical kingdom is complete with pickled onion trees and mustard rivers, giving Catflea Massacre a haven of tranquility.
In a rare moment of lucidity, Catflea Massacre said, “Ska and Reggae are the smile on the face of a dung beetle pushing a rather large ball of poo”

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