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The Pete Special

Scheduled on:
Monday 10:00 12:00
Friday 10:00 12:00 12:00 13:00

The Pete Special – Pete Sexton   =  Monday 10am – 12 Monday & Friday 10am – 1pm

Music throughout will be a careful blend of new and old from last 60 years interspersed with the new tracks

I will feature 4 new tracks from evolving or resurgent artists in first hour. I am asking listeners to raise a thumb in the air if the like a track and thumbs down if they don’t. I picture this as being something that could be ‘fun’ in a workforce setting or just driving around.

I am also encouraging local performers to send me their material for consideration for inclusion in show via [email protected] with ‘Pete’s new artists’ in subject bar

Second hour begins with ‘Elevensies’ which I portray as chill out time in the busy workday or to take a break from housework, shopping or whatever else, the listener is doing with a coffee and relax to two calming tracks as selected by a listener. I am encouraging listeners to choose these and send details to me via [email protected] with ‘Pete’s Elevensies’ in subject bar.

After 12 on Friday, I will be jumping the decade’s with 2 tracks from each i.e. 50s to today.