• Non Stop Music

    Non Stop Music

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    Non Stop Music
  • Murph in the Morning

    Murph in the Morning

    07:00 10:00
    Murph in the Mornings is back. CandoFM 106.3fm 7am - 10am. Monday - Friday. <a class="_58cn" href="https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/risetogether" [...]
  • Mid morning Crumpet with Tony Callister

    Mid morning Crumpet with Tony Callister

    10:00 12:00
    "Mid morning Crumpet with Tony Callister” 10-12 on a Wednesday a great mix of the last 40 years with requests and local happenings[...]
  • Non Stop Music

    Non Stop Music

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    Non Stop Music
  • Chris Wilson and Dave Mitchell

    Chris Wilson and Dave Mitchell

    13:00 15:00
    Talking about nothing in particular, this show discusses the human condition in its dullest moments, making for an interesting listen.
  • Ukes2 To You Radio Show

    Ukes2 To You Radio Show

    15:00 16:00
    Bringing together two larger than life personalities, Joan and Paula with a whole eclectic mix of music from across the eras to perk up your day.
  • Drivetime with Tony Callister

    Drivetime with Tony Callister

    16:00 18:00
    Join Tony for Drivetime with all the local information to get you home along with all the best music[...]
  • Tom Gawlik’s Evening Show

    Tom Gawlik’s Evening Show

    18:00 19:00
    Join Tom for some midweek tunes to head you towards the weekend[...]
  • Bekah’s Mixtape

    Bekah's Mixtape

    19:00 20:00
    An eclectic mix of carefully selected music all with a tale to tell about the music.[...]
  • Bobster on’t Wireless

    Bobster on't Wireless

    20:00 21:00
    A weekly acoustic show with the peninsula's famous Bob Bell discussing all things acoustic music, open mic's, also live performers and biscuits!![...]
  • Through The Evening

    Through The Evening

    21:00 00:00
    Sit back and unwind with CandoFM this evening!