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  • Dance Classics with Colin Hanslip

    Dance Classics with Colin Hanslip

    00:00 01:00
    Jump, Jump to the sound of Dance Classics
  • Non Stop Music

    Non Stop Music

    01:00 07:00
    Non Stop Music
  • Through The Morning

    Through The Morning

    07:00 10:00
    Through the mornings with CandoFM.
  • Tom’s Perfect Playlists

    Tom's Perfect Playlists

    10:00 12:00
    Tom Lowe compiles a series of music playlists, each centred around a particular topic.
  • Bob & Geoff’s Sunday Rock & Roll

    Bob & Geoff's Sunday Rock & Roll

    12:00 15:00
    Join Bob & Geoff with the Sunday Rock & Roll Show right here on CandoFM
  • Odd Shaped Balls

    Odd Shaped Balls

    15:00 17:00
    Rugby chat and coverage with Dan Payne and Graham Dale[...]
  • Russ Palmer Show Stoppers

    Russ Palmer Show Stoppers

    17:00 18:00
    Join Russ for a mix of chat and all things musical.[...]
  • The Power Hour

    The Power Hour

    18:00 19:00
    Join Tony Callister for the Power Hour...  Spread the disease metal heads!![...]
  • Electronic Ears with Fenner on CandoFM

    Electronic Ears with Fenner on CandoFM

    19:00 21:00
    Playing nothing but great track back to back with Fenner
  • Acoustic Sessions with Bill Clark

    Acoustic Sessions with Bill Clark

    21:00 22:00
    Join Bill on Sundays from 9pm is an hour of chilled out tunes performed acoustically. Totally stripped down, bare and completely unplugged.....  It's a great way to round off your weekend.
  • The Chill Factor

    The Chill Factor

    22:00 00:00
    Welcome to the Chill Factor, home of the most relaxing songs on the radio.