Catch up… UVHS School Takeover 29 Feb 24

📻 Shoutout to the incredible students at UVHS! 🌟

The Cando FM Radio Club has been absolutely crushing it lately, and this week they brought us something truly special.

👏 They sat down with the amazing Miss Price to talk about a groundbreaking new project: the Anti-Racism Committee at UVHS. 💬 This initiative is all about bringing staff and students together to support each other and learn what it truly means to be anti-racist.

✊ It’s a powerful movement aimed at fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change within our school community.

🌈 Huge kudos to Miss Price and everyone involved for leading the charge and making UVHS a more inclusive and welcoming place for all. 🎉 Keep up the fantastic work, UVHS Radio Club – you’re making a real difference! 🙌

Tune in from 3pm

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