Town Twinning

Barrow Town Council has this week agreed to reach out worldwide to establish links through town twinning.

The unanimously agreed idea was brought forward by Roosecote Councillor Paul Griffiths who believes that, along with creating a sense of pride in being associated with International partners and forming cultural relationships, it will also bring economic benefits to the town.

Once established, it is hoped that delegations from the twinned towns will visit Barrow on mini-breaks, a concept already operational in hundreds of towns and cities around England.

“As a proud Barrovian I believe we have so much on offer here- our business and industry is known worldwide already and ”
be fantastic to see delegations from abroad exploring the delights of Piel Island, Furness Abbey and The Dock Museum to name a few.

Quite simply, the opportunities are endless and I’m excited, to bring this to Barrow along with my colleagues”

Cllr Griffiths went on to say, “as local people, we fully understand our responsibilities and are very aware of how the cost of living is currently impacting on families around Barrow- however town twinning is low cost and can be high return in terms of visitors to Barrow, spending their time and money here.”

Councillors at the meeting discussed the potential town links that could be built on, much of it from international companies’ based in Barrow and elsewhere. The rich maritime history was also seen as a strong selling point.

A group of Councillors will initially form the a town twinning association to explore the project but will look to invite partnerships with local organisations and members of the public as it develops.

Councillor Griffiths said “I’m really pleased to see my colleagues already sharing ideas around suitable towns to form relationships with and we can’t wait to get going.”

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