Think SPEED and become a better, safer driver

Speed enforcement operations are taking place across the country in October – including here in Cumbria – as part of a national drive to highlight the risk of driving above the speed limit.

Cumbria Constabulary is supporting the National Police Chiefs’ Council enforcement operation.

Chief Inspector Gill Cherry of Cumbria Police said:

“The best drivers do not think of the speed limit on a road as a target, or solely in terms of what is legal, but are always considering whether the speed they are driving at is appropriate for the conditions at the time.

“Thinking in these terms will make you a better, as well as a safer driver.

“However, road safety and ensuring everyone reaches their destination safely is the responsibility of us all as road users.

“Our officers attend the homes of those who have lost loved ones to road traffic collisions all too often. It is one of the most difficult tasks any police officer can undertake.

“We can all do more to reduce the number of fatal collisions on our roads – beginning with giving serious consideration to our speed, and the appropriateness of that speed, every time we get behind the wheel.”

Road safety is a priority for Cumbria Police all year round.

Cumbria Police’s Road Safety Camera vans are in operation throughout the county on most days of the week, to help promote safe driving and reduce serious and fatal collisions.

They are focused on hotspots, including where the local community have identified an area of concern.

The purpose of the vans is to make our roads a safer space, which is why the Constabulary publicises on social media where the vans will be on any given day.

Chief Constable Jo Shiner of Sussex Police and Roads Policing Lead for the National Police Chief’s Council, said:

“Speed limits and driving laws are there to protect all road users, and police officers across the country will take action throughout this operation to ensure those caught committing an offence are dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

“It is everybody’s responsibility to use the roads safely, and I want to thank those drivers and riders who make this a priority on every journey.

“By ensuring we always use speeds that are within the posted limit and appropriate for the prevailing conditions, we will be playing our part in reducing the risk of death and serious injury, as well as ensuring the road environment is safer for everyone.”

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