The Save Roanhead Campaign team respond to the recent planning application at Roanhead Farm Development

The Save Roanhead Campaign team note the recent planning application Ref B06/2023/0307 (Roanhead Farm Development).


The petition launched by the SaveRoanhead campaign team recently surpassed a 5000 signature milestone. The SaveRoanhead Facebook page now has 3800 members. Our recent friendly information events attracted in excess of 400 people.


SaveRoanhead Campaign member and founder Kelly Holland states;

‘The petition has now reached 5000 people – far surpassing my original hopes. This illustrates how many people feel the same way about saving Roanhead from the catastrophic effects that mass tourism will cause in this delicate area. We have visitors and locals alike who all agree that the magic of Roanhead should be left alone in its majestic untouched beauty”


Campaigner Clive Welch added;

“The numbers now opposed to this development is unprecedented for the Furness area, there has never been opposition on this scale for any other project ever. The outcry caused by this planning application has astounded me. In short, the vast majority of people in Furness simply don’t want it, they see no benefit and are extremely concerned about the environmental footprint consequence of this.”


The SaveRoanhead campaign team invite the Westmorland and Furness Planning team along with Councillors, MP’s and local businesses to work with the wishes of at least 1 in 12 of the local population.

The campaign team are all local people with no financial or self interest and offer both wildlife and independent business expert advice. We can provide this in an open, frank and public forum – we have now examined the proposals.


In conjunction with our partners at the Friends of the Lake District, we seek to preserve this outstanding area of natural beauty and jewel within the Furness peninsula crown.

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