The Pete Special with guest Holly Lovelady 28 Jul 23

🎶🎙️ Get ready for an exciting Friday morning on The Pete Special with Pete Sexton! Joining him this week will be the talented local artist, Holly Lovelady. 🌟

Holly, based in Kendal, has been making waves with her latest project, “Topless the Musical.” She recently tested out this unique musical on the top of a pop-on, pop-off bus in Kendal last weekend, and it’s expected to be a part of the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 🚌🎭

But that’s not all! Holly has also released a captivating new single titled ‘Sleep,’ which features in the musical and has already earned a spot on the local artist playlist.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from Holly herself as she shares her musical journey, her experiences with “Topless the Musical,” and the inspiration behind her new single ‘Sleep.’

Tune in to The Pete Special every Monday and Friday morning from 9am to noon and be a part of the magic of music with Pete Sexton and the talented Holly Lovelady.

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