The Butterfly Effect

DACH (Dalton Arts, Culture & Heritage) has released its logo to start the launch countdown to promoting the new Heritage Trail in Dalton-in-Furness, for Celebrate Dalton Day on June 10th, 2023.


You will soon be seeing it popping up everywhere and on social media. It has taken many months to get to this point, after an idea by Ron Creer to develop an updated heritage trail for the town.


Dalton’s Link To World Geneticist- E B Ford


  1. B. Ford was born in Dalton, he did ground breaking research into genetics with insects and butterflies at Oxford University, which was later built upon in the discovery of the DNA helix. In celebration of his work we are having “Butterflies” as a theme of the day and schoolchildren will be carrying home-made butterfly banners or wings.



DACH’s Chair, Kerry Kosak said, “ We are so excited about using the logo to be inclusive for positive changes for the town, mindful of its proud heritage as the ancient capital of Furness.”


Local artist, filmmaker and producer, Rachel Capovila was tasked by DACH to realise the vision of the trail by engaging with local schools and the wider community over many months, to develop designs to incorporate on the trail signage at the fourteen sites in town. She will be producing a visual record of the launch parade throughout the town on June 10th. It will be an exciting end to the Heritage Trail project.


The butterfly motif of the logo was produced by local designer, Tasha Kosak. It was chosen to represent change, growth and transformation. It is also a universally beautiful image and links  to E B Ford’s ground breaking research.


Celebrate Dalton Day will be a big day for the town, especially now the carnival is not happening. DACH is working with several other groups like the Town Council, Dalton Leisure Centre, Dalton Town Band, Dalton Community Action Group, Dalton Community Church, Dalton Community Association to make the day successful. We have appointed Alan Jackson as Event Manager to ensure smooth running of the day, especially the afternoon parade from Market Place to Tudor Square led by the band and Nick Perie, the new Mayor who will open the Heritage Trail.


To get involved with DACH and help the resurgence of cultural events in Dalton, please contact: or via DACH-Dalton Arts, Culture and Heritage-

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