School Takeover Newbarns School 12 Mar 24

Get ready for a thrilling journey through time and inspiration with the brilliant minds of Newbarns School! 🎒📻 In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re diving deep into the incredible stories of how women have fought for and achieved equal rights. From the groundbreaking legislation to the fearless suffragettes, we’ll uncover the milestones that have shaped our society.

👩‍🏫 Plus, we’re sparking conversations on the women who inspire us daily and sharing our top picks of books by female authors that have touched our hearts and opened our minds. 📖💖

Why do these stories matter to you? Who are the women that inspire you the most? Join us in this special School Takeover and let’s celebrate the achievements, the courage, and the incredible impact of women throughout history and in our lives today!

🕒 Tune in to CandoFM at 3pm tomorrow and be part of something truly special. Let’s make history together! 🎶👩‍🎓

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