Russ Palmer with guest Nicky Diggle, Ulverston Pantomime Society

This week, Russ Palmer is set to engage in a delightful chat with the talented Nicky Diggle, who is gracing the stage as the Snow Queen in Ulverston Pantomime Society‘s latest production. Get ready for a magical experience with “The Snow Queen,” a rip-roaring, knockabout pantomime filled with crackling lines and enchanting songs.

🗓️ Don’t Miss the Exclusive Interviews:

  • Breakfast with Russ and guest Nicky Diggle, Ulverston Pantomime Society (Wednesday, 7 am): Kickstart your day with insights into the making of “The Snow Queen” and the magic behind Ulverston Pantomime Society’s spectacular pantomime.
  • Drivetime (Thursday, 4 pm): Tune in to Drivetime with Russ Palmer for an engaging conversation with Nicky Diggle. Learn more about the Snow Queen’s character and the excitement that unfolds on stage.
  • ShowStoppers (Sunday, 5 pm): Round off your week with ShowStoppers as Russ Palmer dives deeper into the world of “The Snow Queen.” Discover the behind-the-scenes stories and the incredible efforts that go into bringing this pantomime to life.

🌟 Ulverston’s Fabulous Pantomime – “The Snow Queen”: Immerse yourself in the magic of this family-friendly pantomime that promises laughter, adventure, and unforgettable moments. Ulverston Pantomime Society has crafted a production that captures the spirit of the season and delivers joy to audiences of all ages.

🔊 How to Tune In: Set your alarms and mark your calendars to catch these exclusive interviews with Nicky Diggle on CandoFM. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or simply love a good pantomime, these segments with Russ Palmer are not to be missed!


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