Catch up… Russ at Drivetime with guests Ron Creer and Sharon Tait Turning the Tide 14 Mar 24

Hey, sea-lovers and community gems! 🌊✨ Catch up with Drivetime as it makes a splash with a special edition you can’t miss! 📻🎉

Join the ever-energetic Russ as he dives deep with our fabulous guests, Ron Creer and Sharon Tait, to explore the upcoming seaside spectacle, Turning the Tide, at the picturesque Earnse Bay Beach. 🏖️🎨

Imagine a day where the beach comes alive with the sound of music, bursts of creativity through arts and crafts, laughter from games, and the sweet scent of refreshments. This Sunday, 24th March, from 1-5 PM, our community celebrates the ocean’s beauty and our bond with nature, courtesy of ArtWorks and the support of many local heroes. 🌺🎵

Don’t let the tide go out without you; tune in to Russ at Drivetime this Thursday to catch all the juicy details about what’s set to be an unforgettable day at the beach. Whether you’re there for the tunes, the creativity, or just to soak up some good vibes, we’ve got something for everyone. 🎙️🌟

Sea you there? 🌞🌊 #TurningTheTide #CommunitySplash #DrivetimeWithRuss #ArtWorksEvent #EarnseBayBeach

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