Catch up… Russ at Drivetime with guest Steve Phelps (Some) Diamonds

🎭🎙️ Tune in to Drivetime with Russ Palmer today at 4pm on CandoFM for an exciting interview with the talented Steve Phelps! 🌟

Steve will be joining Russ to talk about his brand new play titled “(Some) Diamonds,” brought to you by Furness Original Productions. Get ready to dive into a world of quirky discussions, dark humor, and captivating storytelling as flawed flatmates navigate secrets, struggles, and dreams in this thought-provoking comedy.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from Steve as he shares insights into the creative process behind “(Some) Diamonds” and what makes this play a must-see theatrical experience.

Tune in and be captivated by the magic of live theater and the talented mind behind this unique production. Join Russ Palmer and Steve Phelps on Drivetime today at 4pm for a fascinating conversation that’s sure to leave you intrigued and excited about “(Some) Diamonds.”

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Click here for tickets: (Some) Diamonds

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