Russ at Drivetime with guest Leslie Trotter 17 Aug 23

🏍️🎙️ Get ready for an exciting chat on the airwaves! 📻🎉

Leslie Trotter is swapping his bike for a microphone this week as he joins Russ Palmer on Drivetime to talk about the much-anticipated MGP centenary on our local community radio station, Cando FM 106.3 FM. 🏁🎉

Tune in today and catch all the fascinating insights about the forthcoming MGP centenary. Discover the history, the excitement, and the anticipation surrounding this monumental event. Whether you’re a biking enthusiast or simply curious, this conversation promises to be a thrilling ride in itself!

Join Russ Palmer on Drivetime from 4pm and be part of the excitement as Les Trotter shares his expertise and enthusiasm about the MGP centenary.

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