Residents in Barrow urged to be vigilant following recent vehicle thefts

Officers in Barrow are urging vehicle owners to be vigilant after several moped, motorbike and quadbike thefts during the past month.

We have received 10 reports of stolen bikes (motorbikes, mopeds or quadbikes) this year in Barrow. Of those, 7 have been within the last month (March).

Yesterday (28 March) a man was given a deferred charge – which is an out of court option to deal with the offence – after the theft of a moped in the early hours of Tuesday 28 March on St. Vincent Street in Barrow.

Detective Inspector Mike Kirkham said:

“We are actively looking to identify and arrest individuals in relation to the reported offences.

“We have increased patrol activity in locations previously highlighted as vulnerable.

“Our community teams are engaging with the public with crime prevention advice and patrolling community areas. Our detectives are working closely with response and neighbourhood policing teams to ensure thorough investigations are conducted.

“To assist us in preventing further offences we are asking the public to take some simple security steps to protect their vehicles.

“If you do witness any suspicious activity or have any recording equipment where this is captured, please share this with us so we can seek to identify those responsible”.

What can you do you do?  Follow some simple security steps including:

  • If you drive an older vehicle, getting an alarm professionally fitted will help secure your vehicle.
  • Consider adding additional security to your bike such as the break disk locks.
  • If your home has a driveway or a garage, use it. Vehicles parked off-street and in well-lit areas are far less likely to be stolen than those parked on the road.
  • When away from home, try and leave your vehicle in a secure car park.
  • Ensure that full details of the bike, including security numbers are stored.

Report any suspicious activity online at:

You can also phone on 101.

Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers completely anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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