Race Against Time: Ulverston’s Another Fine Fest Scrambles to Hit £15k Goal Before Closing Hours

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FESTIVAL bosses have less than 24 hours to reach the £15,000 target needed to deliver a full-scale event.

The hugely popular multi-arts festival Another Fine Fest will be returning to Ulverston on June 17 and 18, it has been announced.

The event typically sees thousands of people descend upon Ulverston each year to enjoy an array of festivities.

However festival director Dave Crossley said they would have to scale back on what can be delivered this year if thousands of pounds is not raised by tomorrow morning.

The festival is an independently produced event with zero guaranteed funding from year to year, relying on the generosity of donators to help pay for Another Fine Fest’s total costs.

Dave said: “Your generous contributions usually equal around a quarter of our total costs, help to unlock funds from grant givers who ask for match funding and enable us to pay everyone a fair wage. It is vitally important to us that we respect art and artists and everyone that puts in the work behind the scenes to create the magic!

“A substantial amount of time and effort is invested in order to attract funding from as many different streams as possible. This includes sponsorships, advertising, grant applications, fundraising events and more, all of which is equally, hugely appreciated but has to be sought year upon year.”

Since launching a Crowdfunder online nearly £10,000 has been raised for Another Fine Fest, equating to 64 per cent of the festival target of £15,000.

Festival bosses are appealing for any more contributions to be made before the fundraising page will conclude tomorrow morning at 8.57am.

The hugely popular multi-arts festival Another Fine Fest will be returning to Ulverston on June 17 and 18
“We are quite simply blown away by each and every pledge no matter what size,” Dave said.

“We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the generosity of the general public and for that we will be eternally grateful. We fully appreciate that times are tight so just want to remind everyone that the minimum donation is just £1.

“In all honesty we always feel quite nervous about running a Crowdfunder in such difficult financial times and we really don’t want to hassle anyone – it’s the part of creating this festival that we like the least. This is why we try to spread the message that we’d rather lots of people donate just one or two pounds rather than anyone having to give a mountain of quids!

“Just a couple of quid each from everyone that has ever enjoyed our events and we would not only obliterate our target but safeguard the future of our fest! And if folks are unable to donate, then a simple share of the campaign really helps and is equally appreciated.
“If we don’t make the Crowdfunder target it will make it very difficult to deliver all that we have planned and we will most certainly have to scale back on what we are able to offer. We will need to seek additional funding from sponsors but of course this is not guaranteed. We are also reluctant to put too much of a burden on any one person or sponsor and would prefer to spread the costs among all the many thousands of people who are predicted to attend.

“To create something truly spectacular we really need your help! Together we can make amazing things happen and hopefully raise lots of money for St Mary’s Hospice and Ulverston Food Waste Project whilst we paint the town several shades of every colour! We promise two whole days of the very best local, national and international live music, art, comedy, circus, street theatre, workshops and so much more.”



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