Police in Cumbria are offering a reminder that Coronavirus and lockdown rules remain in place, after becoming aware of plans for an organised rave this weekend in Cumbria.

Officers became aware that a ticketed unlicensed music event was being planned which could have seen a large number of people set to attend on the last weekend of lockdown.

Whilst the illegal event has been cancelled after police intervention, officers are reminding people that lockdown regulations do still apply, which prevent unnecessary gatherings of people and non-essential travel.

Superintendent Sarah Jackson said: “We understand this year has been very difficult and the communities of Cumbria have worked hard to stick to the rules. Having been made aware that this event was being planned we moved swiftly to ensure that a minority of people would not undo the good work of the majority during this lockdown”

“We want to warn anyone who was still thinking of travelling despite the event being cancelled to have a rethink, stick to the rules and stay at home”.

“By their very nature, unlicensed events do not have the basic necessary security measures in place to make sure people are safe and this risk only increases when gatherings are not properly managed in a way that prevents the spread of the virus”.

“Anyone involved in organising or attending an event like this will be committing offences and officers will enforce with penalties if necessary”.

“Increased patrols will remain on the county’s roads throughout the weekend as a precaution”

“We would like to thank everyone who continues to stick to the rules, and the sacrifices many have had to make this year are very much appreciated”.

Superintendent Sarah Jackson added,

“When lockdown concludes on the 2nd December, Cumbria is going into Tier Two; meaning our county will end lockdown on ‘high alert’. Stricter rules including the ‘rule of 6’ will come into place outdoors and there will be no socialising inside (outside of bubbles and linked households indoors).

“Social distancing applies at all times.”

For further details of the lockdown rules in England visit: https://www.gov.uk/…/new-national-restrictions-from-5….

For information on the new Tiering system (from December 2nd) visit here: https://www.gov.uk/find-coronavirus-local-restrictions.

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