Police Constable dismissed after failing to uphold Constabulary’s standards

A Police Constable was today (5 May) found to have engaged in Gross Misconduct so serious as to justify dismissal.
Police Constable Amelia Porteous had faced an accelerated misconduct hearing where she was found to have breached standards of honesty and integrity and acted in a manner amounting to discreditable conduct.
The Police Constable had faced two allegations.
One allegation was that the officer had, when tasked with updating victims of crime, failed to so but had updated police systems as if she had done so.
The further allegation was that she had failed to attend work for a shift and, when the absence was questioned, claimed that she did not expect to be on duty that day.
Both allegations were found to be proven.
The actions were found to amount to Gross Misconduct as the officer was dismissed.
Chief Constable Michelle Skeer said: “Cumbria Constabulary holds its officers to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
“In not only failing to keep a victim of a crime updated but in falsifying records to indicate she had done so, the officer’s conduct fell well below what is expected.
“Such actions are taken extremely seriously and have the potential to damage the reputation of the Constabulary in the eyes of the public.
“I hope the result of the misconduct hearing clearly demonstrates the Constabulary’s view regarding an officer purposely misleading members of the public and falsifying police records.”

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