PCC Supports Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall is highlighting funds available through Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust, who award small grants to victims in urgent need, distress or sickness as a result of crime.

Organisations can apply for grants of up to £500, on behalf of victims that need help to cope with the impact of crime and/or become repeat victims of crime. For example, the fund can be used to provide basic essential items, vital for day-to-day living, related to sleeping, cooking and washing.

Peter McCall comments: “I want to raise awareness of the small grants that the Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust provide to help victims in distress from crime, even if the crime has not gone to court.

“Applications come through sponsors who support people at crisis point and are in immediate need of help and support, such as Victim Support, the Police or Women’s Community Matters for example.

“The funding is used as a short term financial ‘leg up’ for victims who need quick support due to the impact the crime has had on their lives. A recent example was for a domestic abuse case, where the grant was used to repair damage to the house and make the home secure enough for the victim and their children to return.

“Grants have included awards for an older person who had become a victim of identity theft, to help them register with the Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System, and also for replacing a stolen laptop for a young person living in care.

“Other awards have been given to support the work of the Salvation Army, when providing basic essentials to people escaping modern day slavery situations, and a further example is of grant recently given for replacement fencing, where an act of anti-social behaviour had damaged property.

“Anything that helps victims in Cumbria start their recovery journey more quickly, can only be a good thing and the Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust are able to offer timely support, making sure that vulnerable victims receive help when they need it most.”

Annette Hennessy, Chair of Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust comments: “We know through feedback from sponsors, and the people who received the grants, that small amounts of funding, at the right time, and in quick time, provide critical help at a critical time. More than that, the grants were seen as an act of kindness when they felt at their most vulnerable, an important step on the road to recovery.”

For more information on the Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust:


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