Paint The Town Brushes Up Barrow



Artists have joined forces with people from Barrow to Paint The Town and bring a splash of colour to the area.


Paint The Town involves transforming empty spaces across Barrow with vibrant murals and is the latest project by BarrowFull who want everyone in the town to have the opportunity to experience and be inspired by arts and culture in their local community.

Portland Walk is already adorned with colourful creations and murals have now just been completed at Barrow Skate Park. Meanwhile, development  of a mural for Barrow Deaf Centre is well underway.  BarrowFull have also been asked to organise a floor mural for the new Argyle Place Pocket Park in Argyle Street.

The murals at the skate park in Barrow Park were inspired by young people from the town who attended workshops led by Northern Mural Company.


They learned all about the different styles of graffiti and street art produced over the years and how sensible relationships can be developed between the artists and the community in which they express themselves.

Over at The Deaf Centre, artist Billy Colours has been working with visitors to create designs for a mural at the back of the building which will be revealed soon.

The Portland Walk murals, produced by international artist Ian Kirkpatrick and funded by Barrow Borough Council, have already transformed previously boarded-up shops in the town centre.


Ian was chosen by a panel including BarrowFull, Barrow Borough Council and members of the public who attended a consultation about the Portland Walk murals, which depict Barrow stories and were created using printed digital art. He was commissioned by BarrowFull as part of the wider project.


To encourage young people to engage more with the Portland Walk murals, BarrowFull produced a learning pack for teachers, parents and carers featuring creative activities.

Paint The Town producer, Kathrin Bonnar, said: “I’m happy to be living back in Barrow where I was born and brought up and to be working with the people who live, work, and visit Barrow who are contributing to the murals that are popping up around town.”


“It’s really important to me and BarrowFull that local people’s ideas and thoughts are reflected in the art, and I think it’s working really well so far.”


Paint The Town project partners are Barrow Borough Council, Westmorland and Furness Council, Barrow BID, The Deaf Centre, Northern Mural Company, Billy Colours and Ian Kirkpatrick.


BarrowFull are currently planning the next stage of the project so anyone who owns or knows of any blank walls which would be ideal sites for a mural, should email

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