Catch up… Newbarns School Takeover Show on Tuesday 6 February 2024 3pm-4pm

🌟📣 NEWBARNS SCHOOL TAKEOVER ALERT! 🏫 Catch up with an extraordinary episode! 🎙️✨

🌍 This special episode is all about the ENVIRONMENT, and you won’t want to miss the insightful discussions and exciting topics lined up:

How Can We Help Protect the Environment: 🌿 Discover practical tips and ideas to make a positive impact on our planet. Small actions can lead to big changes!

Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Their Impactful Work: 🦉🌳 Learn about the incredible efforts of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and how they contribute to preserving our local wildlife and habitats.

“Science Day” Insights: 🔬📚 Explore the highlights of Newbarns School’s recent “Science Day” and the fascinating discoveries made during the event.

Noah’s Environmental Advocacy: 🦔🐜 Meet Noah, an inspiring young environmentalist! Hear about his hedgehog rescue missions and how he has cultivated his own colony of ants. 🐜💚

Get ready for an engaging hour of education, inspiration, and a lot of fun! 🎉🔊 Don’t miss out on this fantastic School Takeover Show! 🎧🌈 #NewbarnsSchool #EnvironmentMatters #CandoFM #SchoolTakeover 🏫🌎

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