New show alert!! Mary Mac’s Sport on Sunday

🎾🎶 Get ready for an exciting new show on CandoFM – Mary Mac’s Sport on Sunday!

Starting from noon on 10th March, this show is all about celebrating local women’s sports in our area. 🌟 Whether you’re a player, a spectator, or just want to get involved, Mary’s got you covered with all the latest information on clubs, practices, training sessions, and events happening right here in our community.

Tune in for engaging discussions, fun facts, and most importantly, giving a voice to the incredible sporting women in our area. 🗣️ With the perfect blend of sport, music, and lively chat, Mary Mac’s Sport on Sunday promises to be a highlight of your weekend! 📻

Mary’s passion for both sport and music shines through in every episode. 🏅🎵 With a lifelong involvement in sports as both a player and coach, and a love for live music and gigs, Mary brings a unique perspective and infectious enthusiasm to the airwaves. 🎸 Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to join Mary as she brings together her two great loves – sport and music – in one dynamic show! 🎾🎤

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