Neighbourhood Policing Week: Constabulary rolling out enhanced HD CCTV cameras which will help catch criminals and safeguard the vulnerable

The Police and Crime Commissioner and Cumbria Constabulary are collaborating to enhance the ability to investigate crimes, find missing people and safeguard the vulnerable – thanks to a significant upgrade to the county’s CCTV capability.

The county’s CCTV camera capability has been expanded in both the number of cameras and quality of cameras. The number of cameras has been expanded from 78 on the original system to more than 120 – including a number of 360-degree cameras which feature a four-camera system. All of the new cameras include significantly upgraded imagery to 1080p HD as a minimum and improved night vision functionality.

As well as hardware upgrades, improvements will also be made to fibre broadband, making the images more stable and reliable, as well as improvements to storage which will mean the number of CCTV cameras in operation can be increased swiftly and without the need for new equipment to be purchased to enhance storage capacity.

Cumbria’s Deputy Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Mike Johnson, said: “The improved CCTV network is welcome news and  just one of the many ways that we use to keep people in Cumbria safe.

“CCTV cameras are already an invaluable resource which helps officers day-in and day-out with enquiries, ranging from finding missing people to tracking down sex offenders

“We decided to fund this CCTV capability upgrade because the current cameras had reached the end of their life. So we have brought in the best hardware possible.

“The new cameras and improvements with broadband, means the quality of the images are much more precise and provides pictures of pinpoint clarity.

“Unfortunately, we can’t put a cop on every street corner, but this CCTV capability upgrade will be a great additional resource in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Since December 2022, CCTV has assisted in the more than 500 incidents which resulted in at least one arrest being made and has also been utilised in more than 500 missing person searches.

CCTV coverage was also identified in a 2021 Violence Against Women and Girls survey in Cumbria as a providing reassurance to women in the county.

Chief Superintendent Carl Patrick said: “The current CCTV provision has reached the end of its life, so the Constabulary has sought out the best hardware possible to help us to investigate crimes and keep people safe.

“Our CCTV capability is already helping officers find missing people and identify perpetrators every day. However, the new cameras will greatly enhance that capability and, in turn, significantly boost the ability of the Constabulary to achieve positive results.”

The new cameras are now in place in Penrith and the roll-out elsewhere has already begun. It is planned that all the new an improved cameras will be in place by April.

Cumbria Constabulary’s CCTV Manager Andy Petty said: “CCTV cameras are already an invaluable resource which helps officers day-in and day-out with enquiries ranging from finding missing people to tracking down sex offenders – as well as everything in between.

“The quality of the new cameras will result in more vulnerable people being swiftly located and safeguarded, as well as improved evidence capturing resulting in more offenders being brought to justice.”

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