National accreditation for Cumbria’s support services for male victims of sexual violence

Cumbria Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PECC), Peter McCall, welcomes the recent Limeculture accreditation, that recognises high levels of service the Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor (IDSVA) team provide to support male victims of sexual violence.


Limeculture’s accreditation provides an independent assessment and verification that Victim Support’s adult IDSVA service offers excellent quality of service and support for male victims in Cumbria.


IDSVA’s support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence through a risk-led response and responsibilities include providing advice, information and support for victims accessing specialist services, such as The Bridgeway Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) and reporting to the police.


Peter McCall comments: “As Commissioner,  I am absolutely dedicated to putting victims first and that is why I have continued to support and develop high quality services for all victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Cumbria.


“After findings that during 2021-2022, twice as many women accessed PFCC commissioned support services, compared to men, we have worked with Victim Support to put in place a male Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor (through funding secured from Ministry of Justice). This gives men who have experienced sexual abuse and/or violence, the option to be supported by a male advisor if they choose to.


“Achieving national recognition, for our male sexual violence service provision, should give men the confidence to come forwards, seek help and know that top quality support is available.


“It can be difficult for men to reach out for help, as they might be concerned how others may view them if they report abuse, or they may not want to relive painful memories. Men need to know that if they have been a victim of crime, support is out there.


“It’s essential that people in Cumbria, who have been affected by crime or traumatic events, get the support they need and the respect they deserve.”


Lee Evans, Victim Support’s area manager comments: “We are delighted to achieve the Limeculture male quality standards accreditation, which is the result of 12 months hard work across the team.


“Any male victim/survivor of sexual violence can be confident that support from our service will be specific to their needs and take into account any particular issues that may be a result of being a male victim.


“The accreditation demonstrates that the services offered meet the requirements for best practice standards across the country. I would also encourage any victim of sexual violence to contact us when you are ready, no matter when the assault occurred or whether you have reported to the police.’


Detective Superintendent Sally Blaiklock, Cumbria Constabulary, said: “We welcome the recognition of the work of the Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor (IDSVA) team in Cumbria.


“Their work provides critical support to all victims of sexual violence here in our county.


“I hope that this recognition, particularly for the work done to support male victims, can provide members of the public extra reassurance and confidence in reporting information to police. You will be supported by specialist services, tailored to your circumstances.”



Support is available at:


Victim Support

Local number 0300 30 30 157

24hr Supportline 08 08 16 89 111


Bridgeway Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

0808 118 6432 (available 24/7)


Therapeutic services and counselling

Safety Net (North and West Cumbria) helping clients who have experienced rape, exploitation, sexual and domestic abuse. 01228 515859 


Birchall Trust (South Cumbria) helping clients who have experienced rape, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse 01229820828 

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