Mums-to-be given access to online maternity notes app


Expectant parents across Lancashire and South Cumbria now have access to an app that will store all their maternity notes, rather than needing to carry around a bulky paper file.
The NHS in Lancashire and South Cumbria has joined Badgernet, a portal for clinical staff, which provides an app for parents called Badger Notes.

The app stores all medical notes so that if there is an emergency, any doctor or midwife using Badgernet can access them quickly from whichever hospital expectant parents arrive in.

In addition to medical notes, the app also provides:

  • Information leaflets, with reminders to read them at the appropriate week.
  • A pregnancy diary function.
  • A place to put your birth plan ready for the big day.

Coralie Rogers, digital maternity lead for NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB), the organisation that plans and buys health services in the region, said: “This is such a convenient new service for mums in Lancashire and South Cumbria. There is no need to remember your file when you go for appointments, or worry about it if you need to get to hospital quickly, because it’s all there on your phone.

“All our maternity staff have the right equipment, training, and access to the software, so you can be sure there won’t be any technical issues at appointments. We are really proud to be able to offer this service to you.”

Although the app is currently only available in the English language, the app developer does have plans to introduce additional languages next year.

The launch of Badgernet in Lancashire and South Cumbria comes a year after the ICB received £1million of funding from the NHS England maternity unified technical fund for maternity service digital improvements. The money has been spent ensuring midwives and obstetricians have access to up-to-date equipment to access Badgernet, as well as offering other apps and information services for women and families in the area, which are currently under development.

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