More than £40k donated by Barrow local committee to support emergency and affordable food supplies

Barrow Local Committee has begun allocating the £44,000 it had been awarded by Cumbria County Council to bulk buy food supplies and help people through the cost-of-living crisis.

The money will be donated to several community organisations and charities across Barrow to help boost their stocks of free or affordable food and enable them to offer community support which includes items such as clothing, blankets and slow cookers.

The funds are part of a wider £2m package announced by the county council earlier this year to support those most in need across the county as inflation drives up prices.

£500k of this funding was allocated to ‘Direct Community Support’, including the bulk buying of food to support local food banks and affordable food hubs.

The five other local committees of Cumbria will also be deciding how to allocate their own share of the funding over the coming weeks.

So far, Barrow Local Committee has decided to award funds as follows:

  • Barrow Foodbank – £10,000, the central allocation of the food provision funding that will be used for emergency food
  • Women’s Community Matters – £4,999 for food provision and community support
  • Springmount and Salthouse Road – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • Ormsgill Stronger Together – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • Salvation Army – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • Love Barrow Families – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • BDDA – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • Bram Longstaffe – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • Sacred Heart – £2,000 for food provision and community support
  • Inspira – £3,850 has already been received to provide course attendees with food throughout the day
  • Barrow Community Kitchen – £1,000 for food provision
  • Abbotsvale – £951 for food provision
  • Springmount – £10,100 the central allocation of community support funding which will be used for energy vouchers.

Chairman of Barrow Local Committee, Cllr Kevin Hamilton said:

“The Local Committee members and I are thankful we’ve been able to provide funding for these initiatives and to play a small part helping residents during this unappareled cost of living crisis which is affecting everyone from children to the elderly.

“Please apply for all benefits or support which are accessible to yourself or partner in this unpresented crisis, there is no stigma involved whatsoever.

“If you are struggling to cope with your current situation for whatever reason, financial or emotional please call the Cumbria County Councils Support Helpline 0800 783 1966 for support or visit the County Council Website.”

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