Kendal woman jailed for causing death by drug driving

A Kendal woman has been jailed for five years for driving a car whilst under the influence of drugs in an incident that saw another woman lose her life.

Alex Nicholson, aged 26, of Shap Road, Kendal, was sentenced at Preston Crown Court today (21 October) for causing death without due care / consideration while unfit through drugs.

She was also disqualified from driving for four years six months. 

Alicia Brunskill, aged 26, died at the scene of a collision on Singleton Park Road in Kendal on 26 May last year.

Nicholson was driving a black Ford Fiesta when she hit a banking causing the vehicle to flip. Earlier that evening she had been drinking in a pub in Kendal town centre and admitted to officers that she had consumed cocaine.

Nicholson was arrested at the scene by officers before she and two other passengers were taken to hospital for medical treatment.

Temporary Detective Superintendent Dave Cooper, who oversees the Constabulary’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said:

“Our thoughts are with the family of Alicia Brunskill, who died because her friend, Alex Nicholson, was driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

“It is never acceptable for a person to get behind the wheel of a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The consequences are all too often catastrophic for everyone involved and in this case a family have needlessly lost a loved one.

“This was not a case of a tragic incident or accident, this was a decision made by Nicholson to commit an offence that resulted in the death of another human being, her friend, and was entirely avoidable. Not only has a life been lost but the lives of all those involved have been devastated for a lifetime.     

“Our message and appeal is clear – do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and do not get into a vehicle if you suspect the driver is under the influence. Death and seriously injury is the likely consequence and regardless of any custodial sentence, a life sentence of guilt and regret is inevitable.”


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