Health services here for you this Christmas

People living across Lancashire and South Cumbria have been assured that although some regular NHS services may be closed over the Christmas bank holidays, health services are still available.

GP practices will be closed on Monday and Tuesday December 26 and 27, but many are offering more appointments in the evenings this week to allow more people to be seen.

Dr Peter Gregory, associate medical director for Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB), the organisation that plans and buys health services for the region, said: “Health services don’t stop over Christmas with thousands of health professionals coming to work while other people are tucking into their turkey.

“Although GP practices and some pharmacies close on the bank holidays, we make sure there are services available if you need them. But we do have to ask people to try to keep them free and only use the urgent and emergency services if it really is an emergency.”

Most people with minor conditions common over the festive period will be best served by a pharmacist. Pharmacists are trained clinicians who are experts in a range of medications and treatments. You do not need an appointment to see a pharmacist and there is usually a pharmacy close to home.

For a full list of pharmacies available on the bank holidays, visit

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