Flood defences update for Kendal

As an update for residents in Kendal we have successfully completed the following flood defences in the following areas:

A total of £395,000 has been invested into Carus Green; £270,000 from the developer, Genesis Homes, £60,000 from the Department for Transport Challenge Fund, and £65 Grant in Aid through the Environment Agency.

The project allowed both the highway and a new housing development to the west side of Burneside Road, Kendal to be drained, using a combination of new bigger culverts and new drainage which will cross Burneside Road and outfall through private land to meet the area designated as a new storage basin by the Environment Agency within the Kendal.

The Carus Green project was successfully completed in April 2022.

The Flood Defence Infrastructure project at Low Garth, has been a priority for Cumbria County Council, as there has been several flood incidents in the area. The improvement of the flood areas at Low Garth, had the full support of local residents, members and MPs.

The county council has worked in partnership with United Utilities, who have reconnected severed sections of sewer, extensive cleansing of the sewer network, and installed property level protection.

Investment for this project was £535,000 from United Utilities with £71,000 Grant in Aid from the Environment Agency, and the project was completed in September.

A big thank you to all residents and businesses for your patience while we finalised these works.

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