Dalton leisure centre faces threat from proposed Roanhead development

Shaun Fisher, the manager of Dalton leisure centre, has today voiced his opposition to the controversial Roanhead development. Dalton leisure centre is the only non-profit community run leisure centre in the UK and it could be at risk if the Roanhead development went ahead.


‘The development plans for Roanhead include a large leisure centre open to the public. This is a threat to most gyms and leisure pools in the area. After funding being put into local places, why waste all that money on local spots to then allow a brand-new facility? The local beach will be destroyed, there will be A590 chaos on Fridays [1], the development makes no sense to me. I agree we need more attractions in the area, but not this and not at Roanhead’ [Shaun Fisher]


Sara Warburton of Dalton said ‘Even if you ignore the the threat to the leisure centre and the mass of environmental concerns that come with building right next to a National Nature Reserve, its still an inappropriate location for development. Roanhead is a place for the people of Furness to relax, regroup and restore, its not the place to build a holiday camp for 2000 plus people!’


Shaun from Dalton leisure centre goes on to say ‘If you want to help keep Dalton leisure centre in a financially stable position, please object to the Roanhead planning permission. You can see an example letter on the saveroanhead.com website or you can do a quick response on the Cumbria Wildlife Trust website.


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