Cumbria Wild Watch – get wildlife recording!

Take part in the first ever Cumbria Wild Watch between 27-30 June 2024 and do something positive for nature.

It is simple. You can take part anywhere in Cumbria, whether you are resident or just visiting. Spend up to one hour outdoors recording all the wildlife you see – from trees and plants to birds, mammals, bees and bugs. Then submit your records to Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre.

Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre manage wildlife records for the county and will use the information created during Cumbria Wild Watch to gain a better understanding of what plants, animals and fungi can be found where in Cumbria. The data collected will then inform research, conservation, education and development.

Rebecca Slack, Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre Manager, said:

It is as much about the common species such as Nettles and House Sparrows as the rarer sightings such as Red Squirrels and Northern Brown Argus butterflies. You don’t have to go anywhere special to do your Wild Watch: whether you are pottering in the garden, picnicking in the park, walking the dog or climbing a fell, make a note of what you see.”



You can record with pen and paper and then visit the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre website to upload your recordings. Even better, download the free iNaturalist app from your app store, create a free account and get recording immediately using your phone or tablet. Cumbria Wild Watch will pick up all your records automatically from iNaturalist and you will also be able to get some identification assistance using the app.

If you would like more information, please visit the Cumbria Wild Watch website:

Find a comfortable place to sit, or take a bracing walk, and get recording!

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