Cumbria Police on-site as this year’s Kendal Calling festival begins

Cumbria Police have put months of planning and partnership work into effect as this year’s Kendal Calling festival gets underway.

Police, festival organisers, security teams and other key agencies are now on site, following months of close partnership working, to ensure festival goers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Inspector Mike Taylor, Public Order and Public Safety Bronze Commander for Kendal Calling said: “Our main priority is to ensure everyone has a safe and fun festival. Lots of partnership work has taken place prior to the festival, with the safety of attendees always the top priority.

“Our officers, staff and police dogs work tirelessly in the lead up, and throughout the festival, to protect the public and reduce the number of illegal substances brought onto site. They also deal with incidents such as high-risk missing people, violence and keeping the peace.

“This year, much like years past, we have a fantastic team supporting the event including Special Constables, officers and our dog section.

“Remember – do not take valuable, irreplaceable items on site with you and make sure items such as your mobile phone are kept with you at all times.

“I hope everyone has a safe, fun and enjoyable festival.”

Top advice for a safer festival:

  1. Don’t take irreplaceable valuables on site – if you do have valuables with you make sure they are kept with you at all times.
  2. Only bring drugs medically prescribed to you onto site and carry your prescriptions in case you are searched.
  3. If you see anything suspicious or feel uncomfortable on-site report it to an officer, event security or the event staff.
  4. Bring an old mobile phone and a charging pod – there are also charging bays on site.
  5. Do not leave your drinks unattended as a precaution.
  6. Arrange a rendezvous site each night with your friends, and make sure you all get back to your tents safely.
  7. Look out for one another

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