Cumbria Police launch summer safety campaign

Cumbria Police have launched an online summer safety awareness campaign. The campaign will run throughout summer and will promote personal safety advice to help keep Cumbrian residents and visitors safe.

With not long to go until the summer holidays begin and social calendars fill up over the warmer months, police want to refresh people’s basic knowledge of personal safety and highlight some quick and easy steps the public can do to keep them safe this summer.

The Constabulary’s social media platforms will be the go-to for safety information and practical advice.

Ahead of the county’s biggest music festival, Kendal Calling, tailored festival-specific safety advice will be issued in the build-up and during the event on a range of personal safety topics.

Superintendent Andrew Wilkinson said: “It’s important that, while some of this information may seem like common sense, we run campaigns such as this to remind people of the simple and practical ways in which we can improve our own personal safety and look out for others.

“Cumbria is one of the safest places in the UK to live and visit which is something we are very proud of.

“For those visiting the county over the summer for an event or holiday, or any residents who live in Cumbria, personal safety should be a natural consideration of any plan. It’s the small steps you can put in place which will help ensure you have the safest summer possible.

“Please follow the campaign, share the messages and spark those important conversations with friends and family.”

Cumbria’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC), Peter McCall comments:Public and personal safety is one of our key priorities in Cumbria and as the summer gets well underway, we need to make sure that as well as keeping ourselves safe, we’re keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe also.

“Thieves are always on the lookout and as we start to leave our homes this summer for days out, family visits and holidays, we need to protect ourselves and our possessions from crime.

“Simple precautions such as keeping a careful eye on our phones, handbags and wallets, keeping all vehicles locked and keep cars empty or hide any items so they are not on show, will all help.

“Prevention is better than cure and personal safety is vital. Following these steps as outlined in this summer safety campaign can make a big difference.”

By following the safety steps and advice given in the Constabulary’s summer safety campaign, everyone should be able to experience Cumbria at its best and have a great summer.

Here are a few of the tips we will cover to help you have a safe and enjoyable summer, whether you are at home, in the Lakes or in the pub:

  • Planning your day/night out in advance – making sure you have means to get home
  • Arrange a meeting place at the end of a night/day out if you get separated from friends or family
  • Take your mobile phone with you on any outing – make sure it is charged
  • Know your limits with alcohol
  • Watch your drinks – never take a drink you haven’t seen prepared in front of you and do not leave it unattended
  • Do not take drugs
  • Have funds to get home
  • Only take items out with you that you need, leave valuables out of sight
  • Never engage in violence – things can escalate. Contact the police if you need help
  • If you are meeting someone for the first time, make sure it’s in a public place
  • Be aware of your options if you are in an uncomfortable situation (consider checking if a bar or pub has the ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme before you go)
  • If you are out alone, tell family or friends where you will be and keep them updated
  • And lastly look out for each other

You can follow the Constabulary’s campaign on their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search #BeSafeThisSummer to follow the campaign.

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