Cumbria County Council encourages smokers to seek a fresh start on No Smoking Day

Cumbria County Council is supporting this year’s national No Smoking Day (Wednesday 8 March) and encouraging Cumbrian smokers to seek support to kick the habit.

The annual campaign raises awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and urges smokers of all ages to quit and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Along with well known smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer, this habit also increases the risk of developing dementia. It causes more vascular problems like strokes or smaller bleeds in the brain and can kill off brain cells and neurons, all of which are risk factors for dementia.

Despite this, research by Alzheimer’s Research UK shows that only one in five smokers in our region are aware of this risk.

Quitting smoking is one of the best things smokers can do to improve their overall health. Breathing improves daily and it reduces stress and anxiety after only a few weeks.

Leaving this habit behind is easier with the right support. Smokers seeking a healthier lifestyle can ask for help at their GP, local pharmacies and local stop smoking services like Fresh, which provide relevant advice and tips.

Colin Cox, Director of Public Health said:

“Every cigarette a person smokes causes real harm. By quitting you’ll be improving your own health, you’ll feel better and have more money to spend on other things that you enjoy.

“Whether you’re thinking about quitting for the first time or have tried and failed before, remember that it is never too late and there are many resources available to support you every step of the way.”

Cllr Deborah Earl, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Community Services said:

“Stopping smoking is the single best thing someone can do for their health. Not only will you reduce your risk of developing a range of serious health conditions, including dementia, but you’ll also save money and feel better both physically and mentally.

“We’re encouraging all smokers to give No Smoking Day a go and to take the leap by accessing the support available.”

Please visit the No Smoking Day website for more information and additional advice.

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