Cumberland Council is reminding visitors to the Lakes to park considerately

Cumberland Council is reminding visitors to the Cumberland beauty spots, to park considerately, especially in the Stonethwaite area.

Stonethwaite is a popular beauty spot, which is located near the iconic Black Moss Pot pool, but visitors to the area often park in an obstructive manner, causing inconvenience to others.

Cumberland Council is urging the public to park sensibly and responsibly when visiting the area. The council has recently installed new signage to alert drivers that the road is very narrow and that they should leave enough space for emergency vehicles. In addition to this, drivers should be mindful of farmers who need access to their livestock.

A vital measure for safeguarding the community and its visitors involves the council’s implementation of a coordinated approach to patrol the Borrowdale valley area.

Cumberland Councillor Denise Rollo, Executive Member for Sustainable, Resilient and Connected Places, said:

“We want everyone to enjoy our outstanding area, but people must take responsibility when parking. When there is not enough room for a pedestrian to get past a parked car, pedestrians may be forced to step out onto the road, putting themselves at risk of oncoming traffic.

“It is important for drivers to be mindful when parking on narrow roads. While it may not be intentional, some drivers may unknowingly block the path of emergency vehicles. This can create a potential risk for those in need of immediate assistance.

“We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter, and we hope that by working together, we can improve the safety and convenience of our community’s roads. Remember, before parking, please think!”

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