Children and Young People Domestic Abuse service making a difference

Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC), Peter McCall is opening the one-year anniversary celebration for the county’s dedicated service for children affected by domestic abuse (DA), on Monday 5 December.


In its first 12 months, the children and young people’s DA service, funded by the PCC for a further three years and delivered by Victim Support, has supported 250 vulnerable young people living in Cumbria. 95% of young people feedback that they feel more able to cope with their situation and 89% reported a better understanding of a healthy relationship.


The Children and Young People (CYP) Domestic Abuse service works with people between 5-18yrs who are victims or witnesses of domestic abuse, with a focus on those who are living in or have experienced domestic abuse in households assessed as at high risk of harm. As every young persons’ needs and risk vary, the specific support is tailored to their individual situation by one of the six dedicated caseworkers on the project.


PCC Peter McCall comments: “The harmful impact of domestic abuse cannot be overstated and affects many different aspects of a child’s life and wellbeing.


“It is encouraging to see that the new service has already made a difference to so many of our vulnerable young people’s lives.


“It is vital that we provided tailored support, enabling young children to positively progress with their lives in the community.


“I urge any victim or witness of domestic abuse, regardless of age, to report it to police. We understand it is difficult, but the police are here to help. Your report will be taken seriously and appropriately investigated and we will work hard to bring offenders to justice.”


Adam Dawson, Children and Young Persons – Domestic Abuse (CYP-DA) team leader for Victim Support said: “I’m really excited to share the success of the CYP-DA services first year. The team have worked so hard to provide key support to young people impacted by domestic abuse and I am proud of what we have achieved.


“A key takeaway for me is being able to evidence that we have helped 89% of the young people we have worked with to have a better understanding of healthy relationships. This is so important in helping young people avoid potentially abusive situations as they grow and develop in life.


“We would always encourage young people experiencing abuse or concerns about a relationship to get in touch for free, confidential and independent support from the team. You do not need to have reported anything to the police to access our support.”


Detective Chief Inspector, James Yallop, a senior officer within public protection at Cumbria Police comments: “The number of young people offered support by this service in the last year shows what an important role this is playing in helping children affected by domestic abuse.


“The trauma suffered by young people from domestic abuse will affect them in various ways. It can have a life-changing negative impact on a child.


“This service helps to ensure that those young people affected by domestic abuse are provided with the specialist support they need to positively progress with their lives.”


For referral details and more information about the service call 0300 3030 157 or contact:

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