Catch up with Callum on DriveTime with guest Anji Hannen

📻🎙️ Don’t miss out on the latest radio show interview! Tune in to Catch up with Callum on DriveTime as he sits down with guest Anji Hannen to delve into the world of Social Prescribing and discuss the upcoming Social Prescribing Event on Thursday, March 14th. 🗓️

🤝 Get insights from Anji Hannen about the importance of Social Prescribing and how it enhances community well-being. Learn about the exciting event happening next week and how you can get involved! 🌟

🎧 Join us for an informative and engaging conversation that explores the power of community connections and holistic healthcare. Tune in and be part of the discussion! 🎶 #DriveTimeInterview #SocialPrescribing #CommunityWellbeing #TuneInNow 📻



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