Catch up… The School Takeover with UVHS (Ulverston Victoria High School) 25 Jan 24

🎙️ Ulverston Victoria High School Takes Over CandoFM!

Catch up with the latest excitement as Ulverston Victoria High School (UVHS) joins the School Takeover initiative on CandoFM. This fantastic program not only allows students to take the reins and produce their own radio show but also imparts a wealth of life skills, from effective communication to mastering technical aspects.

📡 Empowering the Next Generation: The CandoFM School Takeover is more than just a radio show; it’s a platform for students to express themselves, learn teamwork, and develop essential skills for the future. UVHS students are seizing the opportunity to become radio hosts and explore the world of broadcasting.

🌟 Life Skills Galore: From scripting engaging content to operating the technical equipment, the School Takeover provides a hands-on experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. Students are not just listeners; they are creators, communicators, and collaborators.

📻 Tune In and Support: Stay tuned to CandoFM to catch the UVHS School Takeover. Show your support for these young talents as they showcase their creativity, hone their presentation skills, and share stories that matter to them and their peers.

👏 Kudos to UVHS: A big shoutout to Ulverston Victoria High School for embracing this initiative, empowering students, and fostering a culture of learning beyond textbooks!

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